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If you had said, "I love you"...

Kallen's poem to Lelouch is so sad. :( Translated by blottyparchment. This one caused some controversy back in 2009 when it was first posted at the translator's LJ. Oh, shipping wars...

Extolling the Brave Chivalry of Youth*

Until I met you, I was only merely plastered with thorns.
I wanted to change this truth.
I seethingly and recklessly acted. But then, I didn’t believe that anything would come out of it.

When my brother was gone,
I heard the sound of the heavy doors closing behind me.
I cannot allow it. I will fight to the bitter end. I decided that I would not go back.
Then, someday, I would have died like my brother.

Until the very end, Kouzuki Kallen would not abide by authority.
That bit of willpower I was carrying with me, it slipped away from me, and I can feel it faintly.
At that moment, I envisioned you as the star at the break of dawn, inviting me.

If I would think that this is for you, my body would feel light.
Whatever struggles there were, the pain would go away.
I would be the first to come rushing to your battlefield,
raging like a lioness, crushing your enemies.
I would stand being muddied so that I could create a path for you.

Looking back, it's mysterious.
Even though I should have loathed and rebelled against Britannia's tyranny.
Without knowing it, I held personal devotion only for you.

Lelouch, that parting kiss,
even if it was a lie, if you had said, "I love you," **
I would even follow you to hell.
You knew that, didn't you?

It's not like you.
You're good at manipulating people just by your words.
Really, it's not like you to be kind.
Is that why you told me to 'live on'?
I fell in love with you*** not just because of that kindness.

T/N: * Extolling the Chivalry of Youth (Yuukyou Seisehunka) is the title of the 1st ending.
** Kallen uses the word 'aishiteru' here. It is a word that carries strong weight in Japanese and is not simply used to express love. You may say 'suki' and mean love, but 'aishiteru' is used between two intimate lovers.
*** The love here is 'suki ni naru'