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2013-05-10 12:41 am
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Masked Men's History, Naked Memory

original photo memorial
shared memories
-- Zero and Lelouch: Student Council Album --
(writer: 加納 新太 | Kanou Arata)

Linking this here for reference!
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2011-02-24 09:17 pm
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oshi Lelouch and Rivalz in a shower

Newtype Romance Special AFTER STAGE: Shower Scene
Translated by Celiss Galvea

Homoerotic showers, GO )
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2010-12-25 03:38 pm
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If you had said, "I love you"...

Kallen's poem to Lelouch is so sad. :( Translated by blottyparchment. This one caused some controversy back in 2009 when it was first posted at the translator's LJ. Oh, shipping wars...

... I would even follow you to hell )
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2010-11-09 04:37 pm
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Canon-related links

This is a placeholder for now!

This link contains all of the Ashford Academy side stories if anyone is interested. All translations are by Celiss Galvea (with the exceptions of BnH #3 and #4, which are translated by [ profile] verity_isle).

Also, there's a translation of the R2 sound episode, "Beautiful Record of the Rebellion", starring Kallen and C.C.! Translated by ShinjiiHikari, found here.

if only we'd seen that in the actual anime! )