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oshi Lelouch and Rivalz in a shower

Newtype Romance Special AFTER STAGE: Shower Scene
Translated by Celiss Galvea

*sound of shower*

Rivalz: Lelouch, it hasn't come off yet, has it?

Lelouch: Yeah, you're still a cat.

Rivalz: There has to be something very wrong with two guys removing make-up in a shower room together... *some incoherent grumbling*

Lelouch: Rivalz, what about mine?

Rivalz: Hm? There's still a bit left.

Lelouch: What? I've tried scrubbing it off 5 times now. Why do girls enjoy such nonsense?

Rivalz:: Exactly! I don't know how they come up with things like "Cat Festival".

Lelouch: And the whiskers were drawn on using marker pens, of all things! This has to be some sort of punishment.

Rivalz: It's all well and good for you, isn't it, Lelouch? The girls are always fussing over you; "How cute~!", "It totally fits you~!" Me, I'm completely ignored! To them I'm "unexceptional". What's with the differential treatment!?

Lelouch: Not like I can do anything about it.

Rivalz: *low incoherent grumbling*

Lelouch: Like I said, not like--

Rivalz: YOU STUPID! (*T/N: Yes, it's that random in Japanese)

Lelouch: Shut up.

Rivalz: Just why are you so popular with the ladies?

Lelouch: I don't recall ever being popular. *pause* This should do it. The whiskers are gone now, right?

Rivalz: Yes, all gone. Mine?

Lelouch: Likewise.

Rivalz: There are quite a number of girls in love with you, you know.

Lelouch: Eh?

Rivalz: There are four that I know of for certain. One from the Tennis Club, one from the Magic Club, another from a different school --- and the middle-aged lady running the school store.

Lelouch: *shocked* Why do you know about that!?

Rivalz: I heard from her. Supposedly she was captivated by the disinterested look in your eyes*.

(*T/N: The plural/singular isn't usually clarified in Japanese, so this can actually be interpreted as "eye". The whole line can be taken as "she was taken by your cold eye" -- which is exactly how Lelouch takes it.)

Lelouch: W-what!? Eye--!?

Rivalz: *incomprehensible sputtering* Don't point your showerhead at me! It means your eyes have some sort of magnetic force to them.**

Lelouch: Oh, r-right...

Rivalz: Did you have to react that badly?

Lelouch: *sigh* ...I had no idea I was in the middle of something out of a teen drama.

Rivalz: I suppose you don't have to know. Must be causing you a lot of trouble, what with the middle-aged lady and all.

Lelouch: Yes, exactly. Makes me overly conscious. How am I going to face her when I buy Yakisoba tomorrow? Or should I bring my own lunch box from now on?

Rivalz: Well, I want to be able to agonize over things like that. Wonder if the ladies will warm up to me if I try the cool and aloof angle?

Lelouch: Your social skills are exactly what people like about you, you know.

Rivalz: Not much of a redeeming virtue if you ask me... Now I'm downright depressed. Am I doomed to unpopularity? Hey Lelouch, won't you help think of something?

Lelouch: Now see here. The things I have to think about, ranging from the usual day-to-day matters to social conditions in general, add up to about 138 -- and that's just the genre alone. I don't see why I have to add your personal desires to my list of worries.

Rivalz: It's a big deal to me! My future happiness -- my whole life's on the line here!

Lelouch: That's an overstatement. Don't worry too much over it. As they say, "Women judge using their sense of smell; men use their eyes."

Rivalz: ...What's that mean?

Lelouch: Apparently the judgment of women, unlike those of men, are based on their senses and instincts. No sense thinking about it.

Rivalz: I get it, so it's all in the scent! In that case, maybe I should try using your shampoo or something!

Lelouch: Do you understand what I'm saying? We're not dogs or anythi-- oi!

Rivalz: "Angel's Gloss: Floral Bouquet Aroma, works wonders for your feelings and love life"...?

Lelouch: Don't misunderstand. This is Nunnally's.

Rivalz: I see! The shampoo makes all the difference! What kind of body soap do you use? "Mildly acidic, gives you soft elastic skin--"

Lelouch: That's enough, shut up!

Rivalz: Ah.

Lelouch: What is it now?

Rivalz: Lelouch, you've got more muscles now, haven't you?

Lelouch: Eh?

Rivalz: I don't get it, 's not like you've been participating in P.E. lessons much. Have you been doing some special training outside of school?

Lelouch: N-not really.

Rivalz: *thoughtfully* Hm~mm.

Lelouch: Don't stare.

Rivalz: What's it matter? 'S not like it costs you anything.

Lelouch: It does, psychologically. Today's been exhausting enough, don't make it worse.

*Sound of someone turning off shower*

Rivalz: You done already?

Lelouch: Yeah.

Rivalz: Hey -- today was a lot of fun. It's been a while.

Lelouch: Kaichou's rubbing off on you.

Rivalz: Maybe... but I still think it's nice to have fun together.

Lelouch: True. These are about the only moments we can laugh and be silly.

Rivalz: Exactly. After all, you seem to be busy with something lately. My side-car's been lonely, you know?

Lelouch: ... well... you missed a spot. You've got bubbles all over your back.

Rivalz: Eh, really?

Lelouch: Bye.

Rivalz: I can't reach my back! Lelouch? Couldn't you have washed it off for me before leaving? Now it feels like my feelings are unappreciated, too. (sneeze) And now all this talk's made me catch a cold...***
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