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Canon-related links

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This link contains all of the Ashford Academy side stories if anyone is interested. All translations are by Celiss Galvea (with the exceptions of BnH #3 and #4, which are translated by [ profile] verity_isle).

Also, there's a translation of the R2 sound episode, "Beautiful Record of the Rebellion", starring Kallen and C.C.! Translated by ShinjiiHikari, found here.

Kallen: Everyone has arrived at the designated location.
C.C.: Is that so? There's still time before the operation begins.
Kallen: Is it true that there are Japanese being forced to work in this factory?
C.C.: If the information Urabe gave us is accurate, yes.
Kallen: Damn Britannians...
C.C.: We will save the Japanese, take over this property and make it our, the Black Knights, headquarters. It's like hitting two birds with one stone.
Kallen: Yeah, I'm trembling with excitement.
C.C.: Hey.
Kallen: What?
C.C.: This is boring. Say something.
Kallen: What?
C.C.: You have "sad" written all over your face. I hate that. It's irritating.
Kallen: I really am sad so I can't do anything about it, can I? Lelou- Zero is in that state... And our comrade have all-
C.C.: What a depressing woman.
Kallen: Stop irritating me. Everyone is tired of being constantly chased by Britannians. My-my face has become so rough!
C.C.: How cute.
Kallen: What is?
C.C.: "Oh my, I cannot show this face to Zero" is what you were thinking, right?
Kallen: I didn't say anything like that! It's not like you're any different!
C.C.: My skin is not rough, mind you.
Kallen: That just means that you're not working hard enough!
C.C.: I have pratically the same lifestyle as you though.
Kallen: Then what is the difference?
C.C.: Care.
Kallen: How I want to rub your face rough with some sandpaper right now!
C.C.: hahahha. Do you really think that my skin will become rough with just sand paper?
Kallen: What are you made of, reinforced plastic?
C.C.: I guess I have no choice but to tell you the secret behind the boiled egg-like smoothness of my skin.
Kallen: You're probably going to say that the secret is Pizza, aren't you?
C.C.: How did you know?
Kallen: It's always the same pattern.
C.C.: It's time. Let's go.

{Sounds of gunfire}

Kallen: Don't move! We are the Black Knights!
C.C.: If you don't resist, I won't make it painful.
Kallen: What the- this is a cosmetic factory?!
C.C.: All of the cosmetic facial lotion here is now property of the Black Knights.
Kallen: Eehhhh?!!!
C.C.: Bring in the trailer! Transport everything!

{Cue in dramatic BGM}

C.C.: Alright. Let's head back.
Kallen: Wa-wait!! What?!
C.C.: I hate depressing things. Women have to be beautiful and elegant. {Insert evil laugh} Ahahahahahhahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa.......
Kallen: It's Zero. There's a female Zero right here...

{dramatic BGM}

Kallen: Everyone has arrived at the designated location.
C.C.: Is that so? There's still time before the operation begins.
Kallen: Is it true that some of our captured comrades are going to be transported here?
C.C.: If the information Urabe gave us is accurate, yes.
Kallen: Urabe-san, huh... But last time at the cosmetic factory, there was no forced labor.
C.C.: Only our skin benefited.
Kallen: You too. Aren't you choosing the operation objectives according to your self-interest?
C.C.: On the other side of this soundproof wall is an evacuation highway. When the time comes, we will blow up this wall and take control of the evacuees.
Kallen: So you won't answer questions that inconvenience you.
C.C.: Yeah, yeah. Hey, this is boring. Say something.
Kallen: I've never seen such a selfish woman...
C.C.: You don't need to praise me that much.
Kallen: I'm not praising you!! This is exhauting. And recently I have been getting tired easily, too. Due to this hard lifestyle, I even lost five kilos.
C.C.: What a careless woman. It's only natural that your stamina will drop when you lose weight.
Kallen: It's fine! I'm getting lighter anyway.
C.C.: I guess... The thinner you become, the more space you will have inside the Guren MKII
Kallen: I wasn't that fat before, and I haven't become that thin either!!!
C.C.: By the way, even if my environnement changes a bit, I'm not so weak that my figure will be affected.
Kallen: Yeah, even if you eat that much flour, cheese and tomato sauce everyday... Rather, I'm amazed that doesn't affect your figure.
C.C.: What are you saying? How can healthy foods like flour, cheese and tomato sauce make you unhealthy?
Kallen: Maybe it would be in your best interest to hold back a little, you high-handed, fat-ass woman?
C.C.: What did you say? I can't pretend I didn't hear that. I don't care if you call me high-handed, proud or arrogant...
Kallen: So she doesn't care about those things...
C.C.: But from what I see in the mirror, there's not a single change in my figure for the past few centuries.
Kallen: Centuries? Next time I'll bring a tape measure for you.
C.C.: Tsk. I would like to continue this enquiry, but it's time. We are going to blow up this wall, and use the opening created to infiltrate.

{Sounds of bombs exploding}

Kallen: I somehow made it through. This hole is really tight.
C.C.: Ah-
Kallen: What? C.C.?
C.C.: A problem has come up. Continue with the rest of the operation alone.
Kallen: Oh really? What happened C.C.-san?
C.C.: A problem has come up, that's all!
Kallen: That's strange... Why is only your upper body appearing on this side?

Kallen: The police are here!
C.C.: We have no choice. Abort operation. We are heading back.
Kallen: Wa-wait! No way!?! C.C., hurry up!
C.C.: Ah- I can't seem to go back.
Kallen: Huh?! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
C.C.: Okay. From tomorrow, I will order the small size!

{dramatic BGM}

Kallen: Everyone has arrived at the designated location.
C.C.: Is that so? We still have time before the operation begins.
Kallen: Is it true that if we blow up this transformer substation, electricity in the entire Chiba area will go out?
C.C.: And admist the confusion, we will transport our Knightmares inside the city.
Kallen: But I investigated about this, and of all people, it's Urabe-san again, right?
C.C.: Yes, and?
Kallen: The paddy wagon we attacked last time turned out to be a kindergarten bus. Like this, it seems like we are some kind of evil organization.
C.C.: One can also say that we were like that from the beginning.
Kallen: Yeah, but...
C.C.: As usual, I'm bored. Go and talk about something.
Kallen: I don't really have a topic in mind.
C.C.: I thought so, which is why I prepared a topic lottery. What will come out? What will come out~? Oh. Food that you like?
Kallen: Yours is easy. It's that, isn't it? That.
C.C.: How foolish. That is not possible.
Kallen: It's not?!
C.C.: The word 'Like' is so ordinary. It's an insult to such an unique food item.
Kallen: Oh, really.
C.C.: What about you?
Kallen: Hamburger.
C.C.: Are you a kid?
Kallen: I can't forget about the hamburger that my mom cooked when I was a kid. When I got a perfect score on a test, she told me "Tonight will be a feast!". My mom's hamburger curry with an sunny-side up egg on top... I was so happy about such a thing that I screamed for joy, and put sauce on the egg-
C.C.: Wait.
Kallen: Huh?
C.C.: When you say sauce, do you mean worcestershire sauce?
Kallen: Huh? Yeah, I mean, I also put sauce on curry-
C.C.: How stupid! If you do that, the egg is wasted!
Kallen: Ehh?! Isn't it normal?
C.C.: That alone, that alone I cannot forgive. You hateful destructive woman!
Kallen: Yo- you have problems with my seasoning?!
C.C.: I'm speaking about common sense.
Kallen: Wha- Urabe-san, Urabe-san! What seasoning do you use for your sunny-side up eggs? What?! That's impossible! What the heck is that? And you call yourself Japanese? Sauce is good! What's up with 'maple syrup' ?!
C.C.: It seems you two are no different, Japanese.
Kallen: There is a big difference.
C.C.: From my point of view, none.
Kallen: What did you say?!!
C.C.: {Sounds of bombs exploding} It seems it's time to begin the operation.
Kallen: It's not the time for such things!
Soldier: You fell for my trap, Black Knights. The false information that we released-
Kallen: Don't interfere!!!!

{Sounds of beatings}

Soldier: It cannot be! With only two people, the elite of Britannia were-
C.C.: Answer the question. What do you put on eggs? Salt and pepper? Ketchup? Mayonnaise?
Kallen: Soy sauce? Worcestershire Sauce? Maple syrup?
C.C.: Or like me do you use ma-
{Sounds of gunfire}
Kallen: Eehhhh!?!!!!

{dramatic BGM}

Kallen: Not that...
C.C.: Wake up, Kallen.
Kallen: Please not that... Not on sunny-side up eggs... Ouch... You didn't have to hit me!
C.C.: What about you? It's not something to have nightmare about.
Kallen: No. It was a shock equal to finding out Zero's identity.
C.C.: We are about to inflitrate when we break this factory wall, and you still able to nap?How gusty. Everyone is in their designated positions.
Kallen: So all we have to do now is wait.
C.C.: I have the information "Maple man" gave us is accurate this time.
Kallen: Urabe-chan~, we are depending on you... The future of Japan is at stake. Hey, do you think we can get Zero back by doing these things?
C.C.: Taking over property and gathering funds are necessary for us to do anything.
Kallen: That's true, but... Hey, isn't it faster if we just kidnap Lelouch from Ashford Academy? Even if there are guards, they're no big deal.
C.C.: Are you fine with that? If we do that, the academy will be destroyed.
Kallen: Eh?
C.C.: The only reason Ashford Academy still exists is to keep Lelouch. If he disappears, it will be erased to destroy evidence. That place of memories... everything will disappear.
Kallen: That's surprising.
C.C.: What is?
Kallen: You actually care about such things.
C.C.: It's not for your sake.
Kallen: Then for who? Hmn... So you are kind to Lelouch.
C.C.: You are mistaken. No woman is more unkind to him than I.
Kallen: Really?
C.C.: It is for my own sake. I don't have anything. The only thing left for C.C. are memories.
Kallen: We're all the same. We lost everything. That is why we are trying to get it back.
C.C.: Yes, you people can still make it. It is already out of reach for me.
Kallen: So that is why you also care about other people's memories?
C.C.: At the very least. I'm not fond of the way Sharuru does things. That is why...
Kallen: Sharuru? Who's that?
C.C.: That's why as a start, I will slap that idiot Lelouch and make him remember everything. After that, he will wake the world up with his own hands.
Kallen: C.C.
C.C.: What?
Kallen: It's time.
C.C.: Alright.

Kallen: Don't move, damn Britannians!
C.C.: If you don't resist, I won't make you cry.
Kallen: All the rose-scented bath fragances made in this factory are now the property of the Black Knights!
C.C.: Beautifully...
Kallen: Cooly...
C.C.: and elegantly...
Kallen: That is...
BOTH: The Order of the Black Knights!